Embedded blogging from Afghanistan

Starting tomorrow I'll fly to Kabul for an embedded mission in Afghanistan with US NATO. Thanks to the US Embassy in Rome I have been selected by NATO for a press tour as a blogger, not belonging to any media organization. It is the first time, as I know, for an Italian blogger to do …


France 24 election web site workers

Everything is working fine here in the France 24 HQ. A small desk has two people working on it. They are collecting news and opinions on blogopshere for the France 24 special election webs site. Great work. Link: France 24 Special election website.

We cannot talk about numbers

For the French law we cannot say anything about data until 20.00. Outside France the media are breaking news every minute. We have to wait other 40 minutes, but the results seems pretty simple. Le Temps in Switzerland replaced its home page with their results.

Inside the blogroom

We are all very excited. In 30 minutes there will be the first interview for the France 24 special live night. Every hour at 30 there will be a live interview. The first one is Carl. One hour to the first exit poll. Stay tuned.

Live from France 24 for French Presidential Election 2007

We are starting to blog here in Paris, live from France 24 HQ. During next hours I will blog and post some photos from the newsroom dedicated to bloggers around Europe. Now we are 5 people from Italy, France, Holland, Germany and Luxembourg. You can follow the live photoblogging on my Flickr account.