Algorithms regulating humans

Algorithms are developing their capabilities to regulate humans faster than humans are figuring out how to regulate algorithms.


It’s time to break up with Your phone

  From the new book How to break up with Your phone. Dear Phone, I still remember the first time we met. You were an expensive new gadget available only through AT&T; I was a person who could recite her best friends’ phone numbers from memory. When you were launched, I’ll admit that your touch …

Mobile blogging

Today I have been to Loreto for a meeting at Simplicissimus headquarter. This is a picture from a traffic jam this morning. I am trying to post it from Tinydesk app from my iPhone. Posted using Tinydesk blog system app

Fitbit and happiness

Thanks to my Fitbit I walk more and this is what I did during 2012, almost 3 milion steps! This wonderful interactive infographic is made by my data collected with Fitbit and Notch.