There’s a big Internet out there

Pay attention to conversations that aren’t just between the people you work with or went to school with. There’s a big Internet out there. — Mallory Ortberg


New article for Il Sole 24 Ore

Last sunday Il Sole 24 Ore, first Italian economical newspaper, published my article about how people from arund the world talk about Italy on Twitter. You can find it here:

Yahoo! no more

Yahoo’s foundation is rotten. They have no plan to get back into the game. Or if they do have a plan, no one knows about it via The Steady, Efficient Decline Of Yahoo.

Internet in 2020

Will Google make us stupid? Will the internet enhance or detract from reading, writing, and rendering of knowledge? Is the next wave of innovation in technology, gadgets, and applications pretty clear now, or will the most interesting developments between now and 2020 come “out of the blue”? Will the end-to-end principle of the internet still …

Berlin, I am coming

Web 2.0 Expo Europe is just around the corner and it is not all. My week in Berlin will start next saturday with an International BarCamp and will continue with an International Girl Geek Dinner monday night. ...and there is something more! Just to confirm that you have a place at the the Blogger Roundtable …