Facebook friends update: how to keep in touch in 2014

This post is for my Facebook friends. After thinking about it for a long time I decided I can live without Facebook s from january 2014 I will deactivate and delete my profile. If You are on Facebook, probably in this moment You think I am crazy. If You are not on Facebook, probably You think why such a big deal?

No, I am not crazy and neither this is a big deal. Anyway Facebook is the de facto way of keeping in touch for many people I know so that’s the reason of this writing.

If You live in Italy and we know each other, You know how to directly contact me and see each other. If You live in Italy and You know me but I probably don’t know You, You can continue to follow me. Both of You can use the following channels:

  • Blog: this blog is in english but You can also read my Italian blog; both of them have a RSS feed You can subscribe (just add /feed/ at the end of the URL);
  • Twitter: this channel is worth it for live event but I will try to use as a companion for my blog; I have two channel, one in english (lucaconti) ane one in Italian (pandemia): the latter is more updated than the former;
  • IMDB: You can see my favourite movies;
  • Goodreads: You can read my favourite books;
  • Slideshare: this is more professional but You could find it interesting anyhow;
  • LinkedIn: not a lots of update but if we know each other please add me.
  • Facebook page: I could continue to use my profile page for professional use, I don’t know yet.

Even without Facebook we can keep in touch, right? I think and I hope so.

All my international friends will receive a private message for some more news. I can’t see You as much as I would so You deserve a special treatment. Thank You all!

For any troubles, You can use this private form:

Very true: You’ll Miss Out, Beautifully

Very recommended reading.

The truth is, today, we spend more time with each other online than we do offline. So, who do you want to be defined by? Who do you read? Who do you follow? Who do you talk to?Try answering these questions sometime. And if your answer saddens you I know mine did, don’t fall into depression. Start filtering. Start building meaning. Talk to the dead poets, talk to the immortal.

via You’ll Miss Out, Beautifully — Architecting A Life — Medium.

Social networks & friends

If we look just a couple of years down the road, there is no question that Facebook’s U.S. uniques will have peaked. Not for any flaw in the company’s model, but for the success of it – everyone will have signed up – so their growth rates will be checked by the population. At that point, churn will grow, as users discover other niche social networks, just as the broadcast television audience fragmented across so many different cable stations

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