Facebook and the circle of happiness

Facebook is not net additive to life anymore —even though it deems itself a social network and Mark Zuckerberg passionately talks about connecting everyone on the planet, the harsh reality is that it is nothing but a giant advertising network. Facebook managed to keep me around for a decade, as I used it to form … Continue reading Facebook and the circle of happiness


Pareidolia, that’s the reason we love Facebook (and we should not)

Similarly, when we interact with “friends” on social-networking sites or through texting, it can feel like we’re getting quality social contact, but we are not. It turns out that face-to-face interaction with other people—real people, right in front of us, not characters on TV or friends we communicate via text messages—is absolutely vital for longevity … Continue reading Pareidolia, that’s the reason we love Facebook (and we should not)

You are in a (social media) cage and You didn’t notice

If you live in the US, Facebook is making about $50 off your attention each year. Your own friends who have joined social marketing schemes (aka: network marketing, or pyramid-schemes) to sell you junk are making another $10 off your time per year. Much like the lion, you’re being owned. Are you trapped in a cage? Yes. … Continue reading You are in a (social media) cage and You didn’t notice

Facebook unfriend

Lovely article, especially for the last part: Once you are done, why not complete the last part of the exercise. Go through the remaining list looking for good friends you haven’t seen for a while, then call them up and invite them to lunch. That’s what friends do. via Facebook friends: the art of deletion - … Continue reading Facebook unfriend

Luca Conti on Facebook

From now on I have a fan page on Facebook for everyone who follows me online and offline. I'll write in english for all the international people, so don't worry about it. For all the real life friends I'll open a new personal profile as soon as possibile. Luca Conti page on Facebook.

Facebook focus

I mean, what we’re most focused on is just building these tools that help people stay connected with the people that they care about. And at some point along the path, I think it’ll make sense to have an I.P.O. But we’re not running the company to do that. We’re running the company to serve … Continue reading Facebook focus