R.I.P. FriendFeed?

FriendFeed died when Facebook acquired it. It was around that time that I became way less active on the site and the community began to fall off. There are still plenty of die hards on the site, just a small subset of cliques. I still do aggregate my content and frequent the site, but it’s not like it used to be, it’s a carcass that is just rotting away

via Facebook Killed FriendFeed, Google Buzzed it Back From The Grave | Social Media Marketing Strategies.

Why I am a FriendFeed addicted

I completely agree with Alexey Bersenev about the power of FriendFeed:

1. FF currently one of the smartest ways to keep updated in areas of your interests, because you’re reading like-minded users shared items;
2. FF is one of the best and fastest ways to get opinions and suggestions about your post/idea/product from “experts” and get answers for any question;
3. FF is an incredible networking tool, which can lead to collaboration and creative ideas, which finally can increase productivity of your work;

What’s Your FriendFeed account?