Greetings from Greece

#107501517 / For a couple of weeks I am off in Greece. Enjoy Your summertime!


Postcards from Greece

In june I have been sailing for a week in Greece. Wonderful time. Greek flag Our boat Good food (dakos) Lights Good time My greek phootoset

Goodbye Naxos

It has been a great time in Greece as always. This time I relaxed in Naxos, the biggest island of the Small Cyclades. I enjoyed it even if the weather was not perfect. Now my greek collection is composed by: Naxos, Koufonissi, Sifnos, Paros, Mikonos. What will be next? You can find a Naxos (and …

Back from Koufonisi

After two weeks in Greece I am back. Koufonisi (or Koufonissi or Koufonisia) is a wonderful island: few people, very few commercial signals around, beautiful beaches and sunshine everyday. You should go at least one time. August is not the best month. September should be beautiful. Ask for any tips. I stayed there. Enjoy my …