My new book: Content marketing

Starting from today my new book is available to buy on Amazon and everywhere in Italy. It's in Italian only, sorry folks. As You can see from the title this is a book about content marketing or how to promote Your business leveraging the power of good online contents. Contents are: articles, videos, pictures, infographics, …


Exclusive interview with Brian Solis about the future of business

During last days I interviewed Brian Solis now that an Italian translation of his last book is finally available. Disruptive technology What would You suggest to a family medium business like hundreds or thousands in Italy? How could they embrace this positive change? Where should they start from? Disruptive technology is just that…it’s disruptive. Every …

My new book on LinkedIn is out

After working on it during last summer my book on LinkedIn is finally on sale! You can find Lavoro e Carriera con LinkedIn* on Amazon, on every Italian bookshop and in many ebook store, on Kindle, iBooks and more. Check it out! Lavoro e Carriera con LinkedIn * affiliate link