Blogging, content marketing and making money online

WordLift content chief, Maria Silvia Sanna, asked me a few questions about blogging, content marketing and more. You can read the full interview in their web site. According to your experience, is there a way to create an economic value through a blog? L. I keep on firmly believing that a blog is capable of …


There’s a big Internet out there

Pay attention to conversations that aren’t just between the people you work with or went to school with. There’s a big Internet out there. — Mallory Ortberg

Exclusive interview with Brian Solis about the future of business

During last days I interviewed Brian Solis now that an Italian translation of his last book is finally available. Disruptive technology What would You suggest to a family medium business like hundreds or thousands in Italy? How could they embrace this positive change? Where should they start from? Disruptive technology is just that…it’s disruptive. Every …

My voice on national radio

If You want to listen to my voice You have a new opportunity. Today I was live on air on public italian radio, Radio3 Rai talking about Facebook. You can listen to it thanks to a podcast / mp3 version. Luca Conti talking about Facebook (mp3)

Tom Raftery interview in Barcelona

[ ?posts_id=949800&dest=-1] Last week I met many people during Startup 2.0 in Barcelona. It was a good opportunity to meet Tom Raftery, a social media consultant like me. There was some noise but I hope You can understand what we talked about 🙂 Enjoy!