You are dying, and your world is a lie

Every day now, I wonder if I’m spending enough time with my family. If I’m having enough fun. If I’m enjoying my work, and if I’m making a difference. I feel like a man who’s been given a death sentence. I’m not kidding. Someone asks me to spend an hour doing something stupid and I resent it. That’s an hour I won’t get back. What are you doing with the time you have?

From You are dying, and your world is a lie (free ebook)

New quarter, new month, new life

Starting from today I have not any major customer to work for. What to do now?

I decided to take a break, look at my last 12 months and plan the next ones. Planning will involve what is important to me, not only my professional life. I have plenty of books to read, movies to watch, documents to organize, bank accounts and investments to check, wardrobe to update and more. All the stuff You don’t have time to look after. Plus I have myself to take care: more exercise, more sleep, more walking, more caring.

Last but least: friends and relationships. I know I have to work hard on that, I lost contact with too many beloved people and I regreat that. I will try to figure out how to spend more time with the people who deserve it.

Keep in touch and… have a happy life!

Very true: You’ll Miss Out, Beautifully

Very recommended reading.

The truth is, today, we spend more time with each other online than we do offline. So, who do you want to be defined by? Who do you read? Who do you follow? Who do you talk to?Try answering these questions sometime. And if your answer saddens you I know mine did, don’t fall into depression. Start filtering. Start building meaning. Talk to the dead poets, talk to the immortal.

via You’ll Miss Out, Beautifully — Architecting A Life — Medium.