General news reading? A waste of time

I highly recommend You to read Jasky Singh experience about reading news. I stopped watching tv news, listening to news radio and reading newspapers for the same reason. On top of that he shares a story I want to quote: As our business was in its growth trajectory, we were looking to hire a talented …


One month with my new smartphone

As you can see, in my top 10 list you can find a few apps to stay updated with nutritious news (Pocket, Feedly, twitter) and some apps for educational purpose (Lumosity, Duolingo, TED, Kindle). 2015 started in the best way.

There Is No Future In ‘Digital Razzle Dazzle’ | paidContent

Guess what is spinach and what is junk food in media? Like everyone, we’ve had hits and misses. There are two types of misses: the spinach that goes uneaten and the junk food that makes you sorry afterwards via Memo To News Sites: There Is No Future In ‘Digital Razzle Dazzle’ | paidContent.