You are in a (social media) cage and You didn’t notice

If you live in the US, Facebook is making about $50 off your attention each year. Your own friends who have joined social marketing schemes (aka: network marketing, or pyramid-schemes) to sell you junk are making another $10 off your time per year. Much like the lion, you’re being owned. Are you trapped in a cage? Yes. Try unfollowing (not unfriend, but unfollow) all your friends on Facebook at once and you’ll notice that Facebook won’t let you. The same goes for other social networks. You can unfollow one or two friends, but you can’t unfollow all of them. There are time-locks that impede you from doing so. Why? Because like a zoo, these social services wish to trap you and waste your time.

Each day you spend about 30 minutes trapped in your cage while others make money off you.

Good point from a new newsletter I subscribed recently.

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