The People Vs Tech

IN THE COMING FEW years either tech will destroy democracy and the social order as we know it, or politics will stamp its authority over the digital world. It is becoming increasingly clear that technology is currently winning this battle, crushing a diminished and enfeebled opponent. This book is about why this is happening, and …

Advertisements and the world of social, local and mobile is now available in Italian. Last days I had the opportunity to exchange some emails with Chris Seth, EVP for Banjo about the state of his app and the world of social, local and mobile web. Here are a few questions and his answers. Enjoy. Everyone knows that the future is social, local and …

Fitbit and happiness

Thanks to my Fitbit I walk more and this is what I did during 2012, almost 3 milion steps! This wonderful interactive infographic is made by my data collected with Fitbit and Notch.

The Myth of the Techno-Utopia –

It's fashionable to hold up the Internet as the road to democracy and liberty in countries like Iran, but it can also be a very effective tool for quashing freedom. Evgeny Morozov on the myth of the techno-utopia. via The Myth of the Techno-Utopia -