New article for Il Sole 24 Ore

Last sunday Il Sole 24 Ore, first Italian economical newspaper, published my article about how people from arund the world talk about Italy on Twitter. You can find it here:


My Twitter ebook is a Kindle Special Deal

From midnight for 24 hours my book will be a Kindle Special Deal on Comunicare con Twitter will be offered with a special price of 99 cent (!) Is that a deal?! I think so. Paper book price is 24,90 euro and normal ebook price is 9,88 euro. It's in Italian and it's about …

Teaching Twitter in Havana

“Today we're going to talk about Twitter,” Sanchez began on a recent afternoon, quieting the room. The students ranged in age from early 20s to mid-50s via Teaching Twitter in Havana | GlobalPost.

Vancouver’s Twitter Lesson

And if youve survived bad press, you can survive a few hours of bad social media. Thats the thing about Twitter. Its so immediate that its not lasting via Vancouvers Twitter Lesson - The Conversation - Harvard Business Review.