Don’t take me home, at least not yet;
Let’s have another drink, and sit
and talk—I want to be your woman,
but there isn’t any rush.
Let’s take our time,
and think it out.

Lovers surprised by love, like us,
make one mistake: they make too much
of it, want the world
to love them, and believe.
The world believes
in nothing it can’ t touch,

touches what it cannot have,
and loves to death. We’ve been in love,
we’ve passed the rites of marriage
and we know the knife.
You and I
have nothing left to prove.

Lovely poem by Laurel Blossom

What you have and what you have not

Suffering, ultimately, has nothing to do with your situation (external reality) and everything to do with your internal reality: your mindset, your choices, your way of viewing the world.

If that’s where you are, lost in pain and feeding on negativity, what the universe is giving you is precious. Do not reject it. Do not ignore it. It is the gift of desperation, of loss, of hopelessness, of frustration.

The gift of pain.

The gift of dissatisfaction, a gift which will cause you to look at your life hard and long and objectively enough to realize you are the common denominator.

You are the cause, you are the catalyst, you are the responsible party.

What a gift.

Now you know you have the power to change it. Now you have the resources you needed all along, which were nothing more than the understanding that you create your own reality with each choice you make.

Enjoy your abundant world.